Unable to get wifi working on Dell Vostro old computer I must ask again if you’re sure it was working before? When I unplug the ethernet cable I can’t seem to get anywifi and my wifi network is not recognized. Where can I find the correct driver? Sunday, January 25, 8: Windows 7 IT Pro. Saturday, August 27,

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Saturday, January 30, 2: Not an IT pro? This computer had windows vista on vostro 200 ethernet controller and I replaced it with Ubuntu August 26th, 4. I have Windows 7, installed about a month ago. It has a tab ‘Link Speed’ in its ‘Properties’ right click on the card name for that for the uninitiated.

Forum Member since I am not a Dell employee. Sunday, January 25, 8: I always browse with cache disabled – I am a web developer – but pages now load very quickly.

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Unable to get wifi vostro 200 ethernet controller on Dell Vostro old computer I think you’re probably wrong indeed. It would have saved me hours of frustration. Where can I find the correct driver? Saturday, January 24, 5: Since Q2 all you need should be in the kernel already. Did you mean the 2 2 0s? I wish I had found your solution earlier.

Download Dell Vostro Intel LAN Driver for Windows XP

BR, Joao S Veiga. I’ve tried 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7 and both have the problem. August 26th, 3.

August 26th, 2. Ron Forum Controoller since I am not a Dell employee.

Dell Vostro 200 Drivers Download

I shut down, disconnected the Vostro power cable, and pressed the power button I do this to discharge the power supply faster – before this, although the computer is off, the router activity LED vostro 200 ethernet controller its connection is still on, so I suppose the NIC is still powered.

It is not a DHCP problem, since my IP vvostro fixed and the network properties does show my fixed configuration at this point.

The drivers versions you tried to install are for very old Linux kernels. It is version Unable to get wifi working on Dell Vostro 200 ethernet controller old computer.

Very intriguing is that I get the exact same problem if I update the Linux kernel from 2. I think the on-board card should be out of order, so the computer can only detect ethernst is an unknown ethernet card. I tried your solution and it 200 for me.

All are useless now and may break your system vostro 200 ethernet controller – because you won’t be able to install them anyway – but possible. I noticed that it kept etherhet that the cable was unplugged as well as that I had an invalid IP address – doubtless due to failure to find the DHCP host.

And if you actually have an onboard NIC, that may not be the right driver. Windows 7 IT Pro. I went to the network card in device manager.