Kala ramnath violin

Kala ramnath violin

She has forged musical alliances with artists of renown from different genres around the globe incorporating elements of Western classical, jazz, Flamenco and traditional African music. What is your dream in life? Fri, Dec 28

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She started performing from the age of 14 when her aunt presented her in concert. Your Connection to traditional and contemporary World Music including folk, roots vioin various types of global fusion. What compromises did such collaboration call for? She earned huzzas and claps as the opening act at the Gunidas Sangeet Sammelan, one of the most prestigious music events in the country, in December.

I just finished doing a workshop with Bluegrass fiddlers where I heard rhythm being played with the bow, which amazed me.

Besides the classic North Indian raga, Ramnath vilin much fusion. Leopard drowning in deep well coaxed into cage, hauled to safety Cops swing into action clicking pictures of helmet-less bikers, citizens protest Ramnath was born into a family that includes violinists T. Discover Best Songs of — Part 3.

Khabar: Music: The Singing Violin of Kala Ramnath

Views Read Edit View history. It covers the same three octaves and becomes an easily portable instrument. The violin in its present form has 4 strings on a finger board 5. Jugalbandi draws applause for violinist Kala Ramnath. It is called Ravanhatta and is played with a bow.

Kala Ramnath

Feel free to contribute! When I play, I use both the vocal and instrumental techniques in my music. From the end of the s she began studying in Mumbai under the singer Pandit Jasraj. At the same time, she received training from her aunt Dr. Union minister Geete says no rush to adopt alternative fuel.

Kala Ramnath - Violin - TOP Musician from Mumbai, India

She held the violin first at the age of two. Angel also produced and remastered world music albums, compilations and boxed sets for Alula Records, Ellipsis Arts, Music of the World.

Retrieved from " https: She represents the beginning of the seventh generation of violinists in her family. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Absorbing all these influences Kala has successfully developed a style of playing vioiln is truly unique, and has played a huge part in bringing violin into the mainstream of Indian ramnsth music Discography: A time capsule is buried for years at LPU, Jalandhar. Absorbing all these influences Kala has successfully developed a style of playing that is truly unique, and has played a huge part in bringing violin into the mainstream of Indian classical music.

She was born into a family of great musical talent, which has given Indian music violin legends such as Prof.

Your email address will not be published. What do you like about Western violin technique and what ramanth you think Western violinists could take away from our system? When playing a jugalbandiin a fraction of a second I must think of an answer to a musical phrase my partner has rendered. And that she started playing violin at the tender age of three.

Today, her stature as a classical violinist of global reckon has had her performing not only in most major music festivals in India, but also in many international ones. I can bring alive gayaki with my strings. Western violinists can gain by studying Indian musical ornamentations and the art of spontaneous improvisation.



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