Aircel pocket internet super pro 3g software

Aircel pocket internet super pro 3g software

The plan, priced at Rs. Can I make voice calls to other phones? Can I re-download the content I have purchased on portal from 'My Profile' section? It seems slowly all telecom operators are lowering their 3G plans making it more affordable for users. Unfortunately, your phone does not support 3G.

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Will I have to save settings separately to access Pocket Internet 3G portal or will it work with the same pocket internet settings also?

The biggest pocket internet plan cost Rs which provides 10GB data transfer at 3.

3G Pocket Internet

How do I get After Sales Service for the device? Staggered data benefits for 3 months. Discover exciting supeg and listen to the latest music online.

Aircel informs that the same plan is also available on 3G, skper maximum speed of up to 3. Stay up to date with the latest software and Aircel offerings with easy online software upgrades. How can I access Pocket Internet 3G portal? Do I need a PIN to activate the device? The unlimited 3G plans are as affordable as 2G data plans, starting from just Rs 8 per day. How does the 'Like' functionality work on the portal?

Aircel Pocket Internet Super Pro 3g Free Software Download Price

Rating works automatically based on the likeness of a given content by the portal user community. What VAS products are bundled with datacard connection manager software? What are the access charges for this portal? A web portal where you can internrt and play exciting games. Go on and enjoy 3G services!

Aircel launches low cost data plan Pocket Internet 24 | Technology News

Pocket Internet 3G portal is the single gateway to access all internet services. Is this portal available by default to 3G customers or would they have to do some settings for default home page for Pocket Internet 3G?

Your mobile is 3G enabled. Is this portal accessible in 2G network also? Facebook Home for Android now available in India, elsewhere. The plan will be rolled out in rest of the circles pockeg April 24, Aircel sells the device backed by attractive data plans and exciting VAS products on the datacard software. The performance and speed of data browsing is dependent on network usage patterns. More Technology News in Hindi. What aoftware happen if I come to a 2G network while accessing a 3G service?

In each category, you will find content which you can either download to your handset or stream. It provides rich media content with a focus on airrcel and music streaming.

Aircel launches Pocket Internet 3G Unlimited Data Plans Starting from Rs 8

Fair Usage Policy Threshold. Beyond MB usage, customers can buy the same pack again or switch to a plan that offers more data volume.

At this time, the plan is only available for 2G customers but Aircel says that it intends to extend a similar plan to 3G users as well.

Actual internet speeds would depend on multiple factors such as time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web pages accessed, etc 3G broadband speed can only be accessed in areas where a 3G network is available.

Pocket Internet Stream,upload and download at speeds rivalling broadband. The voice call service is unique to the Aircel connection manager. Aircel VAS Discover exciting games and listen to the latest music online. What are basic system requirements to install the datacard connection manager software?



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