Recabinet 4

Recabinet 4

He says more are to come, but it has 5 gtr heads modeled and 3 channels of each amp, so the Dual Rec sim for instance has all 3 channels. All times are GMT Enter your email address to receive updates: Sad sad sad, but on the bright side I still have 11 Rack.

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That is cool to me though as that area is quite limited in the plugin world. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Recabinet – Kazrog

Enter your email address to receive updates: It is a bit recabinef amp head wise at the moment. The time now is Right out of the box. Find all posts by guitardom. Maybe I could get Recabinet to sound as good if I kept messing with different settings and EQ waves, but I hate messing with settings; I just want to play and have it sound good. Find eecabinet posts by Kazrog.

Recabinet 4 vs TSE X50 Amp Simulator Comparison Review – Part 1

Originally Posted by Kazrog It's meant to make you ponder the smallness of your existence every time you open the plugin. Originally Posted by denka I was enough stupid to pre-order only upgrade to regular not a VIP version.

That was strangely odd You can purchase revabinet plan to get all the amps for the next 3 years.

Find all posts by denka. I was enough stupid to pre-order only upgrade to regular not a VIP version. I do like the Eleven version, but the cab IR capability just sets this plugin apart in both versatility, tone and realism.

Shane is really cool. Originally Posted by denka. Besides its unrivaled realism, i really love that little organised GUI.

Find all posts by lexaudio. Rob Reply July 28, at 1: It also has a 6th amp, a bass amp. A winner and probably my favorite plugin at the recabijet.

Spoke to Shane on another forum and said more amps are to come. Best buy of the year.! Originally Posted by mesaone. Granted my laptop should never be used for any kind of music production it only has a dual-core Celeron processorbut it works surprisingly well for up to eight tracks with most plugins. There are even some direct head-to-head comparison videos between the TSE X50 and Recabinet amp sims. Nathan Reply July 29, at 6: In retrospect, I think I made the wrong decision.

Got it up and going right now.

There is an upgrade path from regular to VIP, just need to set it up. I am chatting with him there now. This is geared toward metal for the most recabiet, though it has other capabilities!

I reasoned the recabonet amps that Recabinet comes with made it a better value, even though I really only cared about the Peavey sim. Send a private message to mesaone.

This with a two-note.



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