Samsung also incorporates the DNSe 3. The first Blue Wave was released in December , and included support for Bluetooth phone connectivity and Bluetooth file transfer. Battery life, thanks to that OLED, is a whopping 35 hours of music playback and in our tests we achieved this easily. Some consumers are perfectly happy with the way their music sounds through stock buds, while others demand nothing but lossless codecs, high bitrates, and high-end headphones. The only confusing element, in fact, was a light on the front of the display used to denote when the unit is charging – for the first couple of minutes we though it was a button that did something. Get Our Best Stories! All video content plays in landscape mode, bookmarking is supported, and screen size actual, standard, full, zoom and DNSe audio effects normal, drama, action can be set through the context menu.

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The final 4th Blue Wave V5.

The integration is almost seamless and rivals that of the iriver clix Rhapsody. Each menu contains a list of items Settings, for example, samsung p2 menu style, samsung p2, display, language, time, and systembut tapping on any of them only highlights the item.

Beneath the display is what looks like a home button but is actually just a power LED. When Samsung’s P2 was announced a few months back, there was plenty of buzz over this thin, touch-screen-based player samsung p2 Bluetooth 2.

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Samsung P2 MP3 player

Conclusion The Samsung P2 is a slim and stylish digital media player with good sound quality, a large 3-inch widescreen display, a fun touchscreen interface, and an impressive assortment samsung p2 sought-after extras like Bluetooth and a text viewer. Samsung P2 review The P2 is an exceptional and slick multimedia gizmo that does sound and samsung p2 very well — just not quite as well as the iPod Touch. Simplicity samsung p2 to be a theme for the P2 when it comes to uploading music and video.

Prime Pack Rather than list extras like a calendar and world clock separately, Samsung groups them together under the Prime Pack icon on the main menu.

Samsung P2: Portable Audio & Headphones | eBay

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. I stopped really samsung p2 about root once Verizon added tethering to their unlimited samsung p2. About the Author Jenn K. The final version of the third Blue Wave v4. Subscribe to the magazine.

Review: Samsung P2 (YP-P2) – Pocketables

Now Samsung has samsung p2 new program called EmoDio, which you can find at http: With no issues about software compatibility it’s drag and dropthis is a great alternative to Apple’s current iPod range.

You can configure the main menu design, fonts, background images, beep sounds, brightness, language, time, hold option, sleep time, auto power-off, set a password, as well as reverting all changes back to the default and formatting the whole device.

Apart from that, navigation of the typically excellent Samsung samsung p2 interface is fast, and mistakes are simply and quickly undone. User Samsung p2 The Samsung P2 samsung p2 preinstalled with three different menu systems that require the use of the touchscreen.

Three icons samsung p2 displayed in varying sizes at any given time, creating an illusion of distance. Size At samsung p2 shy of 4 inches long, the P2 is right on the cusp of what I consider to be too big for a flash player. A second tap is needed to actually select it.

Rather than list extras like a calendar and world clock separately, Samsung groups them together under the Prime Pack icon on the main menu.

Even though this samsug actually a good indication of how strong the signal is, I set mine on low to pick up actual stations, samsung p2 in-between static. Portable media players Touchscreen portable media players Products introduced in The screen can be samsung p2 through the context menu or by tapping it while music is playing. My greatest disappointment with the P2 is, hopefully, a temporary one.

Samsung P2 review

Given that the unit maxes out samsung p2 just 8GB, an argument could be made that for the amount of pocket space it requires i.

Early P2 owners won’t have the firmware upgrades to answer phone samsung p2 through the player arguably the P2’s coolest feature for at least a month, and the FM recording upgrade won’t arrive until January There is even a kickstand keyring included in the box. We get watching to find out. Disney made a robot called Stickman that can do somersaults TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub can double your speeds, improve signal across home 7 most ridiculous royal wedding-themed merchandise Google samsung p2 be making a HoloLens-like AR headset called A65 Broadband Bargains: When I tried the product months ago, I was able to answer a cell-phone call through the player, which has a built-in mic but, oddly enough, no voice recording.

Bottom Line The P2 has a beautiful 3-inch touch screen and an excellent interface, but until its Bluetooth capability is fully activated, the player’s most alluring feature samsung p2 missing. Its touch-based interface, large widescreen display, and Bluetooth support certainly make it worthy of the honor samsung p2 paper, but what about in practice?