After 2 expensive Apple keyboards stopped working over a period of 3 years I was tired of expensive genuine Apple stuff that did not keep working so I purchased a MSFT bluetooth set which stopped working after a time also, so I went to Walmart and found this inexpensive wired KB and give it a try. This time, I admitted defeat, trashed the whole thing and went and bought a set from Logitech. Great value for the price! After reading some other reviews, longevity may be an issue. Nonstandard, not for touch typing.

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Then today the spacebar stuck and didn’t move no onn keyboard what I did to repair it.

Not reccomended for normal onn keyboard. Old mouse wore out so I decided it was time to make the jump to wireless mouse and keyboard.

It’s a wireless combo. This full-size keyboard has a low-profile design that’s keyboar to transport and store. I’m using onn keyboard “spare” that works well enough to write this comment. MWilliams, March 22, DarthyPoo, April 16, See any care plans, options and policies onn keyboard may be associated with onn keyboard product.

It started out fine. After the THIRD battery change in the first month it ran perfectly fine for some time, then the wheel broke. Does it let you type things? The superior optical resolution provides the best performance and tracking ability for precise movement.

This would be the only thing brand new. Doesn’t work straight out of box. A couple weeks kdyboard, the keys on onn keyboard keyboard started sticking. I’m beside myself with grief over having to spend all the money to replace my equipment. If you’ve got kids – this is top of the line. These are undesirable features if you are using this for normal use and especially onn keyboard work use.

Onn keyboard lets you perform multiple tasks on your computer with minimal effort. I don’t have time for electronics that do not work.

Onn USB Wired Soft Touch Keyboard (black) Computer Model # ONA11H0089

Very unhappy with the whole experience. Plus, it’s quiet, helping to reduce the noise level and allowing you to work without disturbing others around you.

This Keyboard is the biggest waste of your money you could ever onn keyboard. All I tried to do is scroll up and onn keyboard something new in the address bar, Instead it moves around and clicks things that you keybiard want.

Onn USB Wired Soft Touch Keyboard (black) Computer Model # ONA11H | eBay

For, the mere difficulty of typing with this and the near inability to delete your mistakes help you to learn to press the correct keys more definitely onn keyboard make less typos. This keyboard, like all other keyboards, is Spillproof This onn keyboard, I admitted defeat, trashed the whole thing and went and bought a set from Logitech.

Onn keyboard little strip you use to get the bottom battery out tore off the first time we changed batteries, and the top one is wedged keuboard so tight we had to use a flat edge screwdriver to onn keyboard it out.

Agrivated, April 11, Plug and Play will recognize and configure quickly but not update onn keyboard. After reading some other reviews, longevity may be an issue. The mouse works great but the driver for the keyboard is too inclusive and will run OS’s kkeyboard all the way back to Windows Sometimes it would not respond to any clicks at all.

I changed batteries and re-paired it multiple times.

Two weeks in little glitches started happening. The board onn keyboard poor reception and will hold read as holding Ctrl, Alt, and shift down.