Engenio Information Technologies, Inc. Sorry, your search yielded no results. Take a look at KPIs from a network infrastructure perspective, including metrics such as packet loss, latency and interface utilization.

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To see all list of all vendors, click here. The AME can be standalone or will easily integrate with 3rd-party network management software and reporting packages. Optical Transmission Labs, Inc. Grass Valley Group, Inc. Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.

This area is free for all Network Management enthusiasts. The EXFO Xtract platform architecture Created using an open and elastic architecture, EXFO Xtract is built to adapt to increasingly complex network and service structures, capturing and analyzing the real end-to-end service experience delivered by mobile and fixed networks.

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Overlay of network and service topologies allow operators to express the relationship between any given service and its physical and logical resources. Atlas Computer Equipment, Inc. How to buy Request a quote Find a sales representative Ask an expert. McAfee previous was 'Secure Computing Corporation'. Engenio Information Technologies, Inc. No favorites list currently exists.

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Red Creek Communications, Inc. The Enterprise version comes with ALL modules.

Oidvifw addition, we have ensured that our products are easily extensible and can integrate effortlessly with your existing infrastructure or network management software provider. A paradigm shift in service assurance Dynamic The power of EXFO Xtract lies in its ability to dynamically model networks and services using any and all required data inputs literally on the fly. Image Processing Techniques Ltd.

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Here are some you may recognize Please create a new list. This service is completely free for use by the network management community.

Voice Print International, Inc. Rob, Network Engineer Quad Graphics. This is a paradigm shift in service assurance and enables operators to quickly adapt to support new requirements in analytics and visualization for both existing and new services. Free Trial Buy Now.

Exfo Fiber Optic Test Equipment. OiDViEW has tabbed browsers, allowing you to tab back and forth between them to compare values, etc. Padtec Optical Components and Systems. National Laboratory for Applied Network Research. Softel Systems Pty Ltd. Westek Technology Ltd John Tucker.

Data enrichment, processing and analysis functions in EXFO Xtract are managed through the analytics engine. Our products are designed to optimize your IT infrastructure's performance, availability, and increase ROI, all while decreasing the complexity of IT management. Instantly compare tabular or graphed result sets without having to lose momentum during analysis. EXFO Xtract - real-time, end-to-end analytics EXFO Xtract provides a real-time, end-to-end view of service experience from network, service and subscriber perspectives.

Perle Oidviiew Limited Moti.

Employ Xtract in conjunction with any other technology, network architecture or equipment vendor.



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