Red alert 2 deezire mod

Red alert 2 deezire mod

A total of 28 INI files. To your attention, the first demoversion mod Real War: Build everything for both sides.

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This is a Red Alert 2 mod! Light tanks added for both sides.

This is a remake of Lion's Rules V2. Sniper was beefed up too. Over 80 new units and buildings. This is the standalone installation for MooMan's Rules v3. New maps, multiplayer modes, command options and much more. The redd story starts after events of Tiberian Sun: Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Contains balance fixes, new units and hordes of other changes, including a very brutal and vicious new Skirmish AI. Added in are land and air Giantbomb units, an AA Tesla unit, and a few changed skins. This small mod for Red Alert 2 adds a few new units and changes some of the rules around to make it more like Yuri's Revenge. Here's a mod which is a spinoff of BlackMissile.

Every INI file there is in the game is contained in this zip file. GameFront is the best place to store, share and promote your PC gaming files. Zip file includes rules.

Deezire Mod | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Mods

This patch adds the soviet airfield and a soviet plane and fixes veezire bug with the tesla boat launching flak at vetren and fixes a few other small bugs. The creator makes an attempt to better balance out the game. It repairs the mission in tesla paris Russia. Can build Chronosphere and Weather Control D. This patch updates the Marek Mod to v1.

Each nation has a different set of units that start as veterans giving the each nation an edge over the other.

This is main ZIP archive for the mod with an English readme. Structures and base defenses can be built much farther from each other no.

Build everything for both sides. In by allows the player to see the game in by pixels. Like the name implies, this mod favors the Soviets.

RA2 Top 50 image - DeeZire

Howitzer is the special unit for Russia and is more powerful. Recent Battlefield Files Battlefield v3. If he becomes mkd, the game doesn't crash anymore.

SP vs SV mappack Brothers wars.

A mod by Lion, be sure to read the "Extended File Description. Extract the files into RA2 directory!

Deezire Mod 7.5

Note this is not the final setup and is intended for demonstration purposes only. You can kick some major butt with these SEALs!

This is the first mod from the famous Nurple man, Don 'Nurple' Capone.



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