Flightgear liveries

Flightgear liveries

It is usually a good idea to have aircraft model and airline, possibly also years it was used in the file name. To do a good livery based on a real aircraft you simply have to have reference images to look at while making the livery. A list of websites containing such images can be found at the bottom of this article. There are in general two ways to edit the livery:

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At flightgearr time there was no standard in how to name liveries, not much support in how to create liveries and no place to submit liveries and share them with other users. See Terms of use for details.

Needs no path if in the same directory as the XML. Also consider that the aircraft will more likely get higher quality liveries and more liveries if your paintkit is of high quality. First of all have a look at the FlightGear livery databaseto make sure you don't duplicate someones else's work.

Retrieved from " http: Retrieved from " http: For hints on airliners etc. In that structure is one or more liveries and one or more text files, XML files, describing it's use.

There can for example be separate livery textures for the fuselage, wings and tail. This howto is intended to be a help guiding potential livery artists as well as the more experienced ones needing a refresher.

Lastly, when done give the livery a liveres name. GIMP and Inkscape are both free and open source software. Also the simplest way to make a new one is to copy and modify an existing file and save it under a new name. Most of those got lost when the former server suddenly quit all the way back in December On January 20, all liveries that lacked a download were deleted from the server.

Pages with syntax highlighting errors. Having a three way drawing ,iveries be helpful, specially if you want to add rivet lines, or if there was no paintkit available. Please view the media description page for details about the license of specific media files. In order to show your liveries at the forum you have to be registered and have uploaded your images of the livery to some external image host like Picasa, Flickr, imageshed or something similar.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Discuss! By editing a livery you can give an aircraft a new paint job, a new livery.

Please consider sharing your work on the forum, and in the case it is a real livery and doesn't have parts of non-free images, also the livery database under the GPL license.

This page was last modified on 4 Augustat The livery XML file sets up a few properties used by the aircraft when changing the livery. Nowadays those are the languages used to run the database. If you don't have experience with a vector editor there's a bit of a learning curve, but after you have passed it a vector editor can be more rewarding, as you can more easily adjust, scale and rotate elements in the livery such as warning labels, stripes and cabin windows.

FlightGear livery database

Including personal flightgeae - listing an author's liveries, thumbnails, and more recently an option to control various layout aspects has been added.

You can upload your liveries to the official livery database using a web form. Vector images also have the great advantage of having the possibility to later make a higher resolution livery in a snap.

The FlightGear livery database hosts liveries and paintkits for FlightGear aircraftas contributed by users and developers.

Some one else would likely want to have a try at liveries liveriea the aircraft you are working on. Only liveries that flew, fly or are certain to fly in the near future are accepted, adding to the realism of the whole simulation.

Howto:Edit a livery - FlightGear wiki

In other languages Deutsch. When you are done you can save a version in the right size.

Over the past years, the database has been extended with many functions. Save the file in a larger size also when creating a raster image paintkit from scratch.



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