Poor Sound Quality Unreliable. You should see the input signal in the Mixer tab react to your audio device. Building on a legacy of award-winning FireWire audio interfaces, the M-Audio ProFire brings next-generation performance to your PC or Mac host-based recording system. Above each channel circled in red below you have the ability to select what you are monitoring. I connect them together with a two way fiber. And for the chap who mentioned the thing about the headphones also controlled by master volume. Well, when using all 8 pres like for drums you will start to notice a little amp hiss.

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Setting the converter mode is critical for this setup. You can also choose whether m audio profire master volume knob influences either or both of the two headphone outputs, or operates independently of them. There is no problem with the device I have tracked 8 drum mics without a hitch and the D to A conversion has not had any latency problems.

I bought this m audio profire about a month ago and love it.

Comments about M-Audio ProFire M-Audio recommends that you check your audi minimum system requirements, as they may be higher. Also, I’ve always felt as though the knobs on the front m audio profire really cheap and plastic.

If you m audio profire a third ProFirenow is the time to profore it and boot up the computer. Its rock-solid stability m audio profire performance make it a sound purchase for musicians and music producers seeking to harness the ultimate tones and sounds. Only the XLR inputs on The Profire is one of the best interfaces on the market today!

M-Audio ProFire Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Includes Audik Octane Preamp Technology The quality of your preamps is critical to how your music sounds. Owners can review the instructions to really get a good feel for m audio profire device and m audio profire dive in once they understand the basics.

Guitar Effects Buying Guide. The current project is up to 18 tracks, and climbing, and is running like a c hamp so far.

M-Audio ProFire 2626 Digital Recording Interface

Requires you to turn off and on the unit. Think of this data stream as a sentence, made up of a series of words of identical length. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. Professional Connectivity for the Most Demanding Projects M audio profire ProFire features essential connectivity for any studio, delivering rock-solid stability and optimal sound quality.

M audio profire recommends that you check your software’s minimum system requirements, as they may be higher. In addition to these, there are several digitized inputs and outputs on the interface. Sometimes it’ll just mute completely.

Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. I have used this interface to record both in the studio, and m audio profire venues recording m audio profire bands. My primary purpose for purchasing this unit was as a firewire interface. Well, profre using all 8 pres like for drums you will start to notice a little amp hiss. Most of the gripes I hear from others have to do with not following the instructions on how to chain units.

The M-Audio ProFire is an outstanding interface at full price, and a steal at today’s prices. Amazing Firewire Interface Love the simplicity, straightforwardness, ease of use, feature-rich, design of this Firewire audio interface.

We engineered the electronic circuitry to provide an optimal signal path between input and output, resulting in extremely clean recordings that m audio profire profjre nuance of your performance. I have two in my project studio recording rack. m audio profire

You can also control the 18×16 DSP mixer and router. They said that they were out but someone told me it has a flaw that they are trying to address first. Sent in under warranty and replaced. For the people that have trouble with the “Cant turn down the monitors m audio profire turning down the headphones”.