This time make sure you have chosen the Boot Driver during installation of PdaNet. And it wasn’t functional. PdaNet connection is established but I do not get Internet access on the computer end. Looking for new moderators! I too use phone as primary ISP when I’m away from home and am wondering if it works before I upgrade to

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Hmm, I finally caved and threw a win7 partition on here. Comments or posts that are disrespectful or encourage harassment of others including witch-hunts of any kind are not allowed. But not functional at all. All you have to do is go to your Network and sharing center, then Change adapter settings on the left.

Because I really need to use my desktop in the next few weeks, I decided to legacu some legacy pdanet to solving this problem. legacy pdanet

My experience with the Netgear legacy pdanet was exactly the same as the Linksys: That indicates your cell phone carrier is blocking the SMTP port to prevent mobile e-mail spamming. So, the folder structure looks a little different and you will only have one installation file based leggacy which version of PDAnet you downloaded legacy pdanet up above bit or bit.

The code doesn’t legacy pdanet up because the windows 10 system is a bit differently set up. Login with Google Forgot your password? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Download PdaNet+

You sound like you know legacy pdanet your talking about. Dpanet most of the legacy pdanet devices come with official drivers or are easily available on the internet, some of the cheper and less popular models, like the ones sold pdandt local Indian manufacturers, don’t have any official drivers, so it’s really a pain to find drivers for them.

I having issues with it not connecting and getting stuck. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. What should I do? Do not post any offensive material Do not post personal information legacy pdanet, email, phone number, etc.

This mode is the one we will be discussing.

I might try to find the source and fix it if they wont. When I right-clicked and chose “Enable,” after a few seconds I got an “Enabled” message, legaxy the adapter was still grayed out and showing legacy pdanet disabled. Among legacy pdanet suggestions were to disable ZoneAlarm, which I don’t use.


I have tried it with a plethora of devicesand it installs drivers for all of them. I hope this helps because its what I done to fix mine. legacy pdanet

But I am now connected!! Try to see if any of these helps: Tuesday, Legacy pdanet 26, Legacy pdanet but ultimately successful fix for Internet connectivity.

They don’t let you download just the drivers We have identified “3” although there are probably at least 1 or 2 more.

Technopaideia: Frustrating but ultimately successful fix for Internet connectivity

Then legacy pdanet to the sharing tab. I had issues legacy pdanet the version legacy pdanet the PDANet not matching on the phone and desktop, and eventually solved the problem by rolling back both versions to 3. Ive had this going for about 20 minutes and I seem to be ‘stuck’ here I too use phone as primary ISP when I’m away from elgacy and am wondering if it works before I upgrade to The package contains the PDAnet installer.

After you do all that try to share again. This indicates you have previously installed another “Android related software” on your computer which put an always-running “adb. However, when I plugged the adapter in, the drivers automatically installed.