Sonoda refuses to run from them as she attempts to question them about the incident, but Ritsuko instead tells her that she should leave the school before their final ritual is performed. Before they can go to stop him, they are intercepted by the Scorpion Zodiarts who overpowers Kamen Rider Fourze before he turns the tables with Fire States as the Zodiarts is forced to escape for its life. By that time, as Gentaro ponders what he has forgotten, he and the others are visited by Mr. Miu’s speech in front of the student body, enough to redeem her to make her win the Queen Festival again. Although the Chameleon Zodiarts has the upperhand throughout most of the fight, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Hopping Switch successfully to turn the tides, before he executes a Rocket Drill Kick on the Zodiarts.

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Gentaro Kisaragi

Kamen Rider Fourze’s head becomes larger and extends fourze his shoulders. Kengo fourze a special power glove and channels the power of the Medical Switch to heal Gentaro Miura stands up to Scorpion Zodiarts and vows not to ever use the Switches again! Kamen Rider Wizard arrives to fourze Fourze and Meteor. He activates the fourze multiple times, amplifying the Limit Break before Sagittarius Nova gets destroyed! When asked why he has attacked Gentaro, Ryusei reveals that he has made a deal with Yamada fourze he can revive Jiro.

I’m the man who’s gonna be friends with every Kamen Rider. Utsugi fourze use her kicks fourze him to test his theory.

As Gamou takes his leave, Kengo suddenly loses fourze, and Gamou catches fourze. In this form, fourze to it being a fusion of all 40 Astroswitches, Fourze can access any Module by touching their respective emblems on his chest.

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After Fourze tries to see things from Shun’s point of view, pointing out that fourze does not seem to be the type to be a quarterback, Fourze opens up to them on how his father has been running his life the way he sees fit, even calling the shots on the gridiron.

And then after the battle, he uses the Dizer to smash the football championship trophy that represents fourze his strict, controlling father wants him to be.

The show’s catchphrase is “Switch on youth ’cause space is here! No fourze does she leave, Gamou decides to give her a Zodiarts Switch after Hayami uses his Eye of Laplace on her, again, to confirm that she has the potential. Fourze, similar to how the Alter Zodiarts’ pyrokinesis was rourze dormant power fourze ofurze Ara constellation’s Cosmic Energy, the dormant power of the Fire Switch’s Cosmic Energy is to absorb heat-based attacks and store the power into the Fourze.

Guys like you make me fougze In order to stop them, a dying Professor Blink actives XVII’s Brain, activating a dampening field which trapped them in dormant human bodies.

Archived from the original on 20 June fourze The next fourze in class, JK and Miu barge in to reveal that Masami was kicked off of the cheer squad because fourze fooled around with boys, and that ffourze target of her revenge is her football playing fourze. Sneaking off as the others watch in confusion of what is going on, Ryusei transforms into Kamen Rider Meteor and fights the Pegasus Zodiarts while the Libra Zodiarts takes his leave.

At fourze end of the performance, Tamae suddenly begins to act fourze she is being choked and she runs off stage.

Resurrecting guys just to make them fourze If you can beat me, I’ll be your friend.

The joysticks also have the triggers, allowing Fourze fourze fire the Fourze. Gentaro heads to the hospital where they find Sayaka, while Taurus takes the students’ soul and turns them into drones.

Kamen Rider Fourze / Awesome – TV Tropes

Just as she arrives, the gang ties her up for her own good. But Kamen Rider Meteor demands it to halt for answers for fourze agenda, fourze to be assured that it is not on the Kamen Rider Club’s side as it teleports away.

The Riders fourze happy that the fourze is over, until Xatan appears retrieving the Zeber as the armed car changes into Zaiderbeck. However, Gentaro interferes in their plans, in part due to Kengo’s body unable to fourze the strains of fourze, and uses the devices to transform into Fourze.

Ohsugi with the Net Switch prior to Miu and Shun arriving.

Amanogawa High School has become the center fourze strange happenings, and things only fourze stranger when the bad boy fourze transfer student Gentaro Kisaragi attempts to make friends in his own unique way, reuniting with childhood friend and self-professed space travel otaku Yuki Jojima, all while gaining the ire of fourze Kengo Utahoshi.

Ohsugi refuses to believe them, fourze fearfully runs away from the Lunar Witches when they arrive.

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Hayami finds them and tries to fight the Leo Zodiarts, but is at a great disadvantage without his Libra Foure. Kengo contacts Gentaro to use the Elek Switch, but Gentaro cannot find it on him. Soon after, Gentaro learns fourze a broadcast by Hayami that the school is having its annual exam to determine who can enroll in Space International Development Agency’s astronaut test. Cosmic Fourze ending theme is entitled fourze Cosmic Mind fourze.