Sheba potts wright

Sheba potts wright

Put Your Hands Up 3. Thang is back following two hit singles in Jody You Did Your Job 7.

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Knock on Wood 6. This ranks up there with Denise Wfight output for the label. In reality there is only 8 actual songs on this track disc. But despite the trite lyrics the pumping groove gets those hips a-wigglin'. Slow Roll It 2.

Feelgood" Potts who has been recording since Again, for those in the know, Moore and Ward also Earl Randle were responsible for most of the classic Ecko era Your Loss Is My Gain Although there's no song of that caliber " Big Hand Man " serves up more sass and sexy swagger like the bottom-heavy title cut; featuring the customary sexual innuendo and urban legends.

Still, a great track. Lipstick on His Pants.

Sheba's confident vocals and the delicious melody evoke the memory of s divas like Shirley Brown. Just for the Night 4.

Sheba Potts-Wright

I'm a Bluesman's Daughter 3. During high school, Sheba joined a singing group named the 21st Century Band under the direction of Mr. You've Been Using Me. I Can Hear Your Macaroni 9. Do What You Do 7. She now resides in Memphis, TN. They traveled all over the Mid-south doing opening acts for various artist.

This may be her best collection in her still new career. Don't Give up on Your Woman 6.

Intro My Name Is Sheba 2. Love Merry Go Round 6.

Sheba Potts-Wright | Album Discography | AllMusic

Leave Me Alone Take Your Time 5. Why Am I Still Lonely? It's obvious more time was spent on songwriting with the label's big pens John Ward, Raymond Moore and Gerald Rayborn collaborating on all the material.

She moved further and started performing with her father, Mr. Private Fishing Hole 6. One Week Moment 8. I Can Bagg It Up 2. The Real Deal I'll Be the Other Woman 5. Let Your Mind Go Back 6. Leave Me Alone 8.

But stay-tuned on the question of Queenship as Ecko labelmate and legend Denise LaSalle is supposed to drop a new disc this year too.



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