Lan messenger 1.2.35

Lan messenger 1.2.35

Visual CD May 28, Internet Explorer Collection February 27, LAN Messenger is a compact tool designed to facilitate the communication between the computers from a local area network. The customization options provide you with a plethora of parameters that should satisfy even the most demanding users. The launcher is already configured to allow you to run another instance.

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Commands in Demand March 19, Internet Explorer Collection February 27, Goto download section LAN Messenger 1. Message logging Past conversations are logged and can be retreived at any time.

Angry Birds Space April 12, Visual CD May 28, I am trying to open two instances of the application, but returns error that there is already another running.

There's an error in the link from the main site: The app itself has to allow multiple instances.

There's another error above: Free Audio Recorder October 25, Click to load comments. The customization options provide you with a plethora of parameters that should satisfy even the most demanding users. DocPad November 1, Input Director February 3, You can run the application at startup, enable the emoticon support, disable the message logging and customize the audio alerts for multiple events. Serverless 11.2.35 A server does not need to be set up on the network for LAN Messenger to work.

Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the PortableApps.

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The interface is fully integrated with the native environment of each platform. I'm using different IPs because I run one machine with Aster, and even as the sandbox, it returns the message. Macrorit Disk Scanner January 4, Create new account Request new password.

HexChat January 4, It does not require a server. The appearance of the messages can also be personalized by using one of the included themes. Cross-platform support All the features of this application are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Was a nice Saturday morning wake up surprise to see it update.

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New in LAN Messenger 1. Patch My PC January 3, Every Open Source PortableApps. Efficient Calendar Free June 8, Money on Thread October 29, Log in or register to post comments.

ExtractIcons April 17, I've tried Softros https: LAN Messenger does not require a server.



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