I figured that they must be paying a fortune to graphic artists to enhance the high quality of their copywriting and I didn't even know where to begin to look for a graphic artist who would even understand this sort of "ugly writing. CopyDoodles inventor, Mike Capuzzi, speaking to hundreds of business owners about the power of spicing up their marketing with CopyDoodles. Just use it and watch the change. CopyDoodles has been great! One-of-a-kind videos Presentations that sizzle!

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At that time, I was fascinated by his CopyDoodles idea.

I attended an event with other distributors and handed out a bright orange card with a CopyComic Existing Memberships From time to time, existing members decide they no longer want access to the CopyDoodles Access Copydoodled and attempt to cancel their membership 10 minutes before their monthly charges are incurred. He even digs into the technical issues to show you exactly how to do it!

The CopyDoodles Access Club is a software system that allows members to copydoocles through, colorize and download from a database of thousands of hand-drawn marketing phrases and graphics.

Imagine having your own, professionally designed handwriting font and signature CopyDoodle you can use in your own marketing campaigns copydoodpes promotions! This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen!

CopyDoodles - Mike Capuzzi

Skip to content Skip to footer. The link is working for me. People that comment say things like "you guys are so creative" and "the personal touch is great" If they only knew!

It works for me and I believe it copydoodlles work for you too! CopyDoodles are for business owners and marketers who want to add the sizzle of hand-drawn graphics to their offline and online marketing campaigns. Our own unique collection of royalty-free business-related comics you can use as-is or customize with your own custom caption using the Comic Generator. Mike Capuzzi on May 19, at 7: Skip to content Skip to footer.

CopyDoodles are the world's largest library of handwritten fonts, hand-drawn doodles, comics and more designed to grab attention and boost your marketing results! Every copywriter on the planet should cooydoodles Mike Capuzzi's "CopyDoodles.

Skip to content Skip to footer. Special Doodles The CopyDoodles Special Doodles are a collection of unique and fun, attention-grabbing graphics that include coffee and wine stains, highlighter images, paper clips and tape, sticky notes, paper images and punch-out comics you can customize with a graphics editor. CopyDoodles have taken my business to a completely different level.

CopyDoodles inventor, Mike Capuzzi, speaking to hundreds of business owners about the power of spicing up their marketing with CopyDoodles. He is an extremely honest guy…. Custom Doodle Generator The Custom Doodle Generator enables you to create your name, a phrase, your business name, or any type of text in one of our fonts and colors and download them for easy placement on your marketing pieces. I can't wait to get ALL of the additional volumes you'll be creating in the future!

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You can use CopyDoodles to create excitement in your newsletters, flyers and postcards promoting your next webinar. It couldn't be easier or more effective. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world, the CopyDoodles Access Club gives you instant access to: The CopyDoodles Text Doodles are a collection of thousands of proven direct response marketing phrases and words hand-picked by Mike Capuzzi for maximum response, and each text doodle is hand-written by individuals whose handwriting is unique-looking and has visual impact.

Mike Capuzzi is a talented and conscientious, plus he delivers great customer service.

I have used CopyDoodles for a few years now and find it absolutely fantastic. One of the best membership sites I've seen. There are three ways to cancel your membership first option is the cppydoodles and preferred: Thank you so much for releasing this product. Skip to content Skip to footer. Handwriting Fonts A unique collection of real-world handwriting fonts you can install on your PC or Mac so you can type in a personal, me-to- you look.



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