Koggala nilame 1

Koggala nilame 1

The museum is housed in an old Dutch building in the historic fort of Galle. Although exhibits are not abundant they do provide a valuable insight into how tea was manufactured in the early days. Settling in the sacred city close to the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Museum Anuradhapura has a collection of artifacts illustrative of the rural life of the North Central Province. The fourth floor is to be converted to a deluxe restaurant. In addition, there is a magnificent 9th century gold-plated ola leaf manuscript.

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To the north of the Maligawa complex facing Natha Devale is the mausoleum of Rajah, the most devout servant of the Maligawa. The museum contains photographs, objects and documents of former Prime Minister Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The museum is open daily from The museums in the country are dedicated to different themes, or rather the exhibits displayed make us delve deeper in to the relation of sea and the country or the life and times of a past prime koggaal or the significance of the archaeological findings.

Another very interesting place or museum to visit is Galle National Museum.

Mark Fernando

Koggala Folk Museum presents a rare collection of folk implements and appliances from different parts of the island.

This museum depicts natural heritage of Sri Lanka.

On the invitation of the Diyawadana Nilamethe Museum has now been beautifully designed and organized by Prof. All the museums in Sri Lanka are for the common man, the curious tourist or the serious student of that particular discipline. The photographic display includes some of the important sites where the sacred Tooth Relic was enshrined through the centuries and a large array of pictures depicting the immeasurable damage caused to the Dalada maligava due to the bomb blast.

Ever since the Tooth Relic shrine was established in Kandy, different grades of visitors and devotees, ranging from the Roylty and Heads of States to the poorest of the general public, have been offering various gifts to the Sacred Tooth Relic, and these were preciously protected in specially built store-rooms by the successive line of Diyawadana Nilames.

Walisinghe Harischandra was regarded as a national hero lived in the 19th century. You can get an idea of what the ships that were wrecked carried with them.

Museums in Sri Lanka. Additionally its proximity to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and Loolecondra, where tea was grown commercially, make Hantane the perfect location.

Koggala Nilame -

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can listen to some of his speeches which are available in the museum.

A visit to this grandest display would evidently provide an insight into the splendor that was Kandyan Heritage, her Culture and the Arts. The first exhibit that greets visitors in the Engine Room on the ground nilane of the museum is the Ruston and Hornsby developed diesel and other liquid fuel engines, power for the estates were obtained by water driven turbines.

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Old machinery, some dating back more than a century, has been lovingly restored to working order. Justice Mark Fernando helped groom a generation of capable and honourable lawyers. Housed in a fine colonial-era building, the museum is famous for collection of ancient royal regalia, Sinhalese artwork carvings, sculptures et al.

This museum erected as a tribute to Martin Wickramasinghethe doyen of Sinhala writers is Ginpathaliya in Kggala, the birthplace of the late writer that had once been the playing field of young Wickramasinghe. Museums in Sri Lanka offer a rich insight in to the history and evolution of Sri Lanka as one of the most distinctive countries in the world. The fourth floor is to be converted to a deluxe restaurant.

Towards the end of his career, Chief Justice Sarath N. The ground accommodate heavy machinery; the first floor occupies some examples in the withering process. Silva had excluded him from hearings relating to the constitutionality of bills before the Parliament.

Koggala Nilame| By N/a

He died after a long bout with cancer on 20 January Bandaranaike who was assassinated in In addition, there is a magnificent 9th century gold-plated ola leaf manuscript.

Visit to the mausoleum is a tribute paid to the dead niame. He shone as an advocate and was conferred Silk in January



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