Find all posts by kessles XLR with 48V phantom power Mic preamp: More like catching up to the standard. It is great for portable recording especially. I bought an mbox 1 a few years ago, and granted some improvements have been made by the two. The M-Box is a great way to “get in the game” of digital recording. I do agree that digidesign is a bit ‘behind.

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Before I launch Pro Tools, I run task manager and disable all non essential processes, and close all programs that are open. How to connect midi keyboard to the Mbox2 mini Thank you!

For some reason, however, if you use it for an extensive period of time, it tends to clip later on and you have to turn the source input down.

I want digidesign mbox 2 midi control digidesign mbox 2 midi soft synths through my midi keyboard. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

However, I would hardly call adding midi revolutionary.


Find all posts by spkguitar. I understand that Pro Tools is a big draw but that price tag is ridiculous.

And I’m not even running it on an “ideal” PC either. I still use the internet, etc. I got this package a few days ago and after watching the included tutorial DVD, I was up and recording in less than and hour.

Buzzing noises can be remedied by moving the M-box away from high power sources digidesign mbox 2 midi your monitor or electric cords. Great product, great sound. The plug ins that are included are quality and the preamps have plenty of gain.

If you have a ok computer, go and buy this right now.

How to connect midi keyboard to the Digidesign mbox 2 midi mini Hi, finally I get a usb-midi adapter and now am able to run midi in PT with Mboox2 mini. Didnt have any problems with the installing the software, drivers, or anything. It seems like it has everything you need.

It works well and has plenty of features. Yet, just about every other audio interface manufacturer out there seems to avoid these problems. Find all posts by kessles It’s digidesign mbox 2 midi comparative to my other devices, and no it’s not because I suck and can’t setup my hardware correctly.

I bought it to learn pro tools. Most of the problems with PC recording were hardware related issues – noises, buzzes, and latency I would recommend it to digidesign mbox 2 midi who wants get started on Pro Tools. Send a private message to accession.

It does what it is meant to do. I bought an mbox 1 a few years ago, and granted some improvements have been made by the two. I do agree that digidesign mbox 2 midi is a bit ‘behind. It took lots of patience and careful reading before i was up and running. You even digidesign mbox 2 midi to go through a third party vendor iLok to activate first party plug-ins like Strike.

Digidesign Mbox 2 USB Audio/MIDI Pro Tools LE Interface | Musician’s Friend

It is a good interface if you are using a computer that does nothing but produce music in Pro Tools. I bought it because my friend recommended it. Music Education For Children.

Digidesign mbox 2 midi am no music recording expert, but after a year or so, I can make and mix music as a hobby and have good fun doing it. I was expecting at least a piano, strings, horns and percussion to be included with Pro Tools, but they digidrsign