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BP win automates many of the housekeeping tasks usually associated with building process models and provides the logical rigor needed to ensure correct and consistent results. Variations in design or problem areas can be explored without committing changes to the core model using For Exposition Only FEO diagrams. The exchange of modeling information between BP win and ER win is further facilitated with ModelMart so that entity and attribute information can be synchronized as a dynamic part of business process modeling.

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This enables offline evaluation of chromatograms, developing of new methods, printing reports. Clarity, and Clarity Lite. Extensions provide features within Clarity that are specific to a given type of analysis or for a specific task such as SST enabling the Performance Qualification. Clarity Lite Clarity Lite is a simplified version of Clarity that provides data acquisition from one chromatograph up to four detectors sharing a common time-base. Secure We only pass your details on to trusted suppliers at your request.

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