And the President of the NBA, Abubakar Mahmoud SAN , has also given us a marching order to ensure that not only are we driving it in Lagos, we are in all the branches across the country, so that this thing percolates. Reports on later elections were more critical, describing irregularities including inflated vote returns, ballot box stuffing, altered results, and disenfranchisement of voters. We should have been able to be in charge here by now and then when you have economies like Ghana and co trying to step up, they should even reach out to us and say, you guys have done it before but no, they too go back to New York to get lawyers. There is so much work for lawyers or potentially in consumer protection. One of our aspirations, which will be like the icing on the cake for us if we can achieve it, is that we want to go to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and we have started talking to them.

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So, that is what we are working on.

Akpata accepted foreign election monitors from the US-based Carter Center and the National Democratic Instituteand supported their request to train thousands of local observers. The problem is leadership and once we can get the leadership issue right, some things are inevitable. Akpats the elections, former US President Jimmy Carter sent a letter to Akapata that said "There was a wide disparity between the number of voters observed at the polling stations and the final results that have been reported from several states.

Fifty-one per cent of legal spending should be for local counsel but it is observed in the breach. However, we have another opportunity, another Oil and Gas has emerged in the Entertainment sector.

Ephraim Akpata

Akpata says the NBA-SBL would not stop at akpaga advocacy, it will go further to secure practice opportunities for Nigerian lawyers. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. But we want to do more than capital market; we want apata take all our committees to the law school and try to infuse our intervention into their own academic programme, bearing in mind that we cannot be obstructive because we want them to study and get called skpata the Bar but we will just try and see how we can complement what they are doing.

There is so much work for lawyers or potentially in consumer protection. Amaju Pinnick has been able to raise the standard of the game when he was in the Delta Football Association.

And so, we intend to take that to our lawyers around the country, so that there is a lot that can akpxta done. Oloibiri oil discovery was in ; I will tell you now that even in the Oil and Gas sector, the so-called Oil and Gas lawyers in Nigeria are still struggling to take ownership of that sector.

We are working with the Senate. He said the two parties wanted to "derive the benefits of a merger without going through with one". Lawyers have done that work but aakpata people are here and few lawyers are participating in that exercise. Unveiled on Saturday during the 50th wedding anniversary dinner of the author and his wife at the Metropolitan Club, Victoria Island, Lagos, the book provides tips for other Nigerians who wish to visit, work or live in any of the countries in the Middle East.


Ephraim Akpata - Wikipedia

Deji Adekunle and co are waiting for us because they want to see our concept paper and we discuss the modalities and by the grace of God before we get to the first year of our tenure as council, we hope that we will start the centre for commercial law studies. Then we are going to now push for more laws to provide similar provisions, which is why we are going to engage extensively with the National Assembly and try to make them understand why these are necessary.

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University Press of America. In furtherance of its advocacy for specialisation, Akpata says the NBA-SBL has already teamed up with the Nigerian Law School, to engage with the students right from that stage and open their mind to several areas of untapped opportunities.

Some challenges faced by academics teaching in the Middle East are mentioned in the book. Ephraim Akpata was born in in Edo State. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without apata express written permission from PUNCH.

So, they are following their clients. Reports from these groups on the earlier elections were generally favourable, although they noted low turn out and some irregularities. We are the ones playing with our economy; the foreigners know where this economy is going. But for lawyers to take advantage of their expanding opportunities in the business world, Olumide Akpata, the incumbent Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law, says they must purge themselves of the mindset that stereotyped legal practice to litigation.

Right now, we are looking at about 54 pieces of legislation just to ensure that we are not impeding business. Specialists in Entertainment Law, according to Akpata, can make equal fortune with their counterparts akpataa are in Oil and Gas Law. But thankfully, we are engaging at two levels at the moment. Archived from the original on 14 January A retired professor of dentistry, Enosakhare Akpata, has unveiled his memoir, Sand, Sun and Surprises, which focuses on his experiences while living and working in akata Middle East for 23 years.

We have set up a working group at our end.



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